February has been WILD, and we can finally say that Hei’An Album II has officially been fully recorded!

Huge thanks to Blaž Lončar, Jure Pišek, The Last Cell and everybody else for lending us gear for the guitar recording, to Matej Humar for assisting the drums and bass recording, and to Robi Bulešič and Primož Velikonja from Beartracks Studio for recording and engineering the drums, bass, moog and vocals!

>And of course, THANK YOU Primož and Robi for the insanely good vibe, it was definitely one of the best recording sessions we ever did, both as a band and as individuals! WE LOVE YOU!! ❤️
The album will now go into the hands of our brilliant producer and friend Randy Slaugh, and then straight into editing, mixing and mastering!

We will now all have to wait a bit, but we are incredibly excited for everybody to hear this when the time comes!