Hei’An is a GRAMMY®-considered metal band from Slovenia, blending elements from a variety of different genres and subgenres in their music, including progressive metal-esque beats and rhythms, post-metal-esque chord progressions and ambiental parts, black metal-esque tremolos and blast beats, metalcore-esque choruses and riffs etc., while creating and cultivating their own unique sonic direction, packed with both intimacy and huge-sounding segments, putting the emotional value and impact of their music above all else. The name Hei’An is a pseudonym for their frontman, bandleader and songwriter Matic Blagonič, while also representing the band as a whole, which is formed by Matevž Počič (guitar), Peter Smrdel (bass), Gaj Bostič (drums) and Aljaž Novak (backing vocal).

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Tour dates

No gigs announced at this time. Check back soon!

February 23rd 2024:

MENT Festival Ljubljana

January 18th 2024:

ESNS (Eurosonic) Showcase Festival 2024

October 28th 2023:

Brno, CZ

Unleaded Coffee

October 14th 2023:

Maribor, SI

MC Pekarna

October 7th 2023:

ProgPower Europe Festival 2023

October 6th 2023:

Amsterdam, NL

The Cave


August 3rd 2023:

Velenje, SI

MetalDays 2023

June 17th 2023:

Koper, SI - @Kulturno stičišče Libertas

Libertas Festival

March 29th 2023:

Supporting Eyes Set To Kill and Psycho Village

March 28th 2023:

Supporting Eyes Set To Kill and Psycho Village

March 18th 2023:

Progressive Rock & Metal im Kulturhof:villach w/ The Last Cell and Calverhine

February 26th 2023:

Hei'An "imago" Tour

February 25th 2023:

Hei'An "imago" Tour

February 24th 2023:

Hei'An "imago" Tour

January 30th - February 3rd 2023:

Cruise from Miami, Florida to the Bahamas


January 28th 2023:

Hei'An - "imago" RELEASE SHOW w/ Their Dogs Were Astronauts

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