Debut album "imago"OUT NOW!

Finally, after such a long time of hard work and dedication, of putting our blood, sweat and tears (quite literally) into this, our debut album “imago” is FINALLY OUT!
A big thank you to everyone involved in anything “imago”-related: Matej, Randy, Aljaž, Sara, Matic, Adam, Joe, Xen, Joao, Yonatan, Filip, Jan and EVERYONE else involved! 
And thank YOU for patiently waiting so long for this! We hope you will enjoy listening to our album as much as we enjoyed making it.
You can listen to “imago” on streaming platforms, or buy a digital copy, here:
You can buy an “imago” CD on our website:
Thank you for listening, thank you for supporting, thank you for being here.
More exciting news TBA!