Hei'An at 7000TONS OF METAL

We have been officially announced to be playing 2 gigs at the legendary festival 70000TONS OF METAL, which will be taking place from January 30th to February 3rd on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship from Miami, Florida to the Bahamas! We will be sharing the stage with some very big names, like Nightwish, Korpiklaani, Rotting Christ, Insomnium, Kamelot, Oceans of Slumber, Fallujah, Kreator, Obscura, Fractal Universe, Amorphis, and maaaany others! And again, we will be playing two gigs, one for an estimated 900 people and one for an estimated 3000 people! What makes things even more fun is the fact that we will be flying to Miami on THE SAME NIGHT of our release show at Kino Šiška! 
The whole thing will definitely be a wild ride and we are incredibly excited and immensely thankful and honored for this fantastic opportunity!
Grab your tickets here: https://70000tons.com
See you on board!